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Why did I start this Page?

As for most things that cause change, it starts with a low point in life.

unknown at this time to me about "THE POWER OF I" and how this would become my quote and beliefs in life.

I believe that you are a direct result of what you consider to be acceptable.  So you will make changes without thinking about it, when you start living below that point.


What does this mean?

we spend our whole lives doing routine things.

From deciding what time to start the day, whether to do our hair, what clothes to where, will it matter what time I get to work.

it doesn't matter what your doing, everything has a choice, and It's YOUR CHOICE on what you do!, and how you choose to react to the situation.

This is all part of what defines YOU! Who you really are, and where you are in life.

"How much thought have you really given this? the volume of choices you really make everyday, that are all within your control. They all affect your life and life style"


Can you have what you what?

I believe that anyone can have what they want, or be anything they want.


“for me… I had a big problem with being lost, with not knowing what I really wanted.

Achieving goals and fixing problems was more than doable”


How much do I want it?

The real question is, how much do I want it.

If I have set a goal that I am not achieving then it is clear to me that I didn’t  want it enough.

It is not due  to others for my own failures, but down to me not having the knowledge or skills to deal with the situation.


Want, and Needs

We all have things that we want, and things that we need.

The things we need we have, or we wouldn't be here.

If it is something you need, you will have made sure you have it. everything else is just a want.

I am not saying the to want is a bad thing.

I have high expectations but expect nothing.

Your rewards are a reflection of your worth and contribution.



I really like the way Dan-Lok describes this with the temperature analogy.











This has all been part of my self learning.

all of the video's and quotes I have read and watched have all made me think and self review.


I have strong beliefs in




Simon Sinek

Some people see the things they want.

Some people see the things that prevents them, from getting the things they want.


The rule is.

You can go after whatever you want, but you can’t deny anyone else going after whatever they want.


You’re not entitled to anything, but there is nothing you can’t earn