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Why did I start this Page?

As for most things that cause change, it starts with a low point in life.

unknown at this time to me about "THE POWER OF I" and how this would become my quote and beliefs in life.

I believe that you are a direct result of what you consider to be acceptable.  So you will make changes without thinking about it, when you start living below that point.

I think the speech by Dan Lok, describes many of us, and how we keep ourselves at the point where we think we belong.

Not where we want to be.

Not where our goals are,  and how we keep ourselves away from our potential, by self-sabotaging.


 What does this mean?

We spend our whole lives doing routine things.

From deciding what time to start the day, whether to do our hair, what clothes to where, will it matter what time I get to work.

It doesn't matter what your doing, everything has a choice!

 It's YOUR CHOICE on what you do!, and how you choose to react to the situation.

This is all part of what defines YOU! Who you really are and where you are in life.

 "How much thought, have you really given this?

Take a minute to self review.

 There is an  immense volume of choice you make everyday.

Even down to your tone of voice, and how you phrase your questions.

In most situations throughout the day, this is done at a subconscious level.

So what am I saying?

Until you learn, to hear yourself.

This is something you do subconsciously, and are unaware that you have control of this.

You are reacting from a point of learnt behaviour.

This may not be a bad thing, if you are getting the results that you are after, but if you're not.

This is the time to look at yourself,  to try and understand, “what questions are you asking, and how are you asking them.

  How did I phrase my sentence / question?

Did my sentence have a positive or negative structure?

As most people respond better to a positive sentence.

Is the question I'm asking helping my situation?

Or am I self sabotaging?

What vocal tones should I have used?

what body language did I portray?

 When was the last time you asked yourself any of these questions, in a situation where you wasn't happy with the result, or answer somebody gave you?

 Everyone of those questions you have control of.

All of them will change the outcome to how someone reacts to you.

This will, affect your day to day life and lifestyle.

 Here is a clip from the film Next, I have added this scene because it shows with foresight, you can have the outcome that you want.

 We all know that we do not have unlimited tries at most things.

That most interactions we have to get right first time, but be aware that this is a skill, and something to be learnt.

 The real question is do you have the skills required to react to the situation you are in.

That is the only difference between the people that succeed and those that don’t.

 I need to break away from my thoughts for a minute, and put out a question?


What is difficult?

What is something you find hard.

Something you believe you can't do.


And the real answer is?

Nothing is difficult!


And there is nothing you can't do if you take the time to learn.


  Nothing is difficult to the person, that can do.

Nothing is difficult to the person that has done it before.

the person who has the skills.

 You ask them how to do something and they say.

It's easy.

You just do this.

Why is it easy?

 It's easy because they've learnt.

It's easy because it's natural to them.

It's easy because they've  done it before.

  What is stopping you learning?

  We all have skills that we are unaware of.

Remember you only have to be one step ahead of somebody else to be there teacher.

Their  mentor, their guide.

So what are you scared of?

 Why do you believe that it is hard?

 Why do you believe you can't do it?

Why do you create such anxiety in yourself?

Anxiety and nerves are both things that can be controlled.

It is the wrong perspective on a situation that causes these.

There are very few things in life you can't beat, if you believe you can.

 The best things in life are on the opposite side of Fear.

 This is told well by Will Smith


So moving back onto track.

In my opinion, this is all down to language, verbal and body.


To achieve most goals in life, you will need to interact with other people.

You need to accept that it is you, that is in control of your interactions.


On reflection.

It is your choice! whether you, want to control your interactions?


What are the things we call mistakes and failures?

How many of these could we have changed?

So here is the difference in people.

Someone who endeavors to win will view these as learning steps to improve their skills.

Where others will blame everyone and the world for their problems


So those that choose to learn will get a different outcome, when put in a similar situation.






This has all been part of my self learning.

all of the video's and quotes I have read and watched have all made me think and self review.


I have strong beliefs in




Simon Sinek

Some people see the things they want.

Some people see the things that prevents them, from getting the things they want.


The rule is.

You can go after whatever you want, but you can’t deny anyone else going after whatever they want.


You’re not entitled to anything, but there is nothing you can’t earn