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Hi my name is Paul Kidman, or MrPK21 as an online presence, and this is a part of who I am



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 I'm from Deal Kent, this Is where I grow up.

 Throughout my life I have always been creative and looking to fix and improve on everything I see. Which has lead me down many different roles and experiences.

 But now I am at a point where I am reviewing myself. Things I have done, things I'm doing,  and things I want to do. So this has lead to the start of me writing “The Power of I

Pushing my interest in human behaviour and psychology.

 This page is some of the things that I have done, and some of the things that, make me who I am.


So from early on I was brought up with bikes being part of my life.

From 1st riding one when I was about 4 to now, bikes have always been there.



There is something about a white noise bliss...

When you hear everything, the wind, the engine, the road, but are not listening to anything.

You start to enter a flow state, with yourself.

Until now this is only something I found from riding.

I have now decided that my next jump will be the the skies.

This was an amazing experience, that I waited too long to do.

I now have my kit, it’s time for me to spread my wings and fly.

I can't wait until I have the skills to share this with others.


From up here that step is a big one.

This is not just with my paramotoring but with my life.

It’s time for everything to move forward.





So, what am I doing?


I now have EntertainAir thanks to my friend Matt, who came to me and said.

I need a photo booth for my works christmas do Mr PK.

So i did it.


EntertainAir is solely, a photobooth business at the moment, but the name was picked so that it could lead into other inflatable things like Zorb balls, and fun runs.


The photo booth is a large colour changing inflatable booth.

We have had up to 12 people in it at the same time, but I reckon there is room for more.

It’s been running now for just over 1 year, I am now working on version 2 of the camera setup, to make it easier for someone else to run the events.



The main target is weddings, birthday parties and christmas dues.

We have many different wigs and props. You then pose for four photos and walk away with a print.

 This was not only a fun project for me to build, it was also rewarding as it gave me the chance to network with new people that came to me to have fun.


The booth can make the whole event as it builds such a  good atmosphere, giving people the chance to let their hair down and have a memory that, they can keep forever.


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 I was responsible for maintaining OFP’s, IT system.



This was a bit of a steep learning curve into server management. Altho I had a good knowledge of computer repairs, maintenance, and networking. I was missing the server experience.

I was thrown in at the deep end, as the had failing hard drives, without a working backup or recovery.


They could not afford to have the down time to repair their systems.

So I work through the nights to recover a corrupt exchange database off of failing drives.


This was no easy goal.

As they still needed to be running for the next day, this meant every time I fail to finish in time I had to recover a new copy of the database and start again.


With the help of a few of my contacts we managed to get the system up and running as it should be.


OFP has been a great business for me.

It has given me the chance to increase my knowledge with servers, and build off site backups,

and it's nice to work with a business that is growing really fast.


I has now become we, as I have joined with a good friend.

helping me move OFP to the next level of service.

We now have full fail over on broadband using Cisco routers, and network monitoring.

We have virtualize there server, giving us the chance to run a full off sight images of the system.

Meaning that we will be able to restore them within 24 hours from full failure, eg fire,

And to set up other services in their own separate instance.



I have setup my own VOIP system using FreePBX and SIPGATE.

This is a great way for anyone to learn about VOIP setup as you can achieve the goal for free as a test bed.




 Toastmasters International


I am Part of Toastmaster's in Canterbury, helping to improve the quality of public speaking.

The benefits of being able to communicate with people, to deliver the information required benefits you in your day to day life,

whether you're teaching, directing staff or whether you're just ordering a McDonald's the language you choose is vital,

And will affect all of your interactions



Canterbury Communicators are great and friendly people, there to support you.

you're always welcome to visit us, free as a guest.





Badminton Meetup in Canterbury

I am Part of the team keeping the Saturday morning badminton group running.

All are welcome, beginners through to pro's. We meetup from about 10 till 12 ish.

Then meet for lunch at the Solo Café, for the more social side of things.



Cost is £2 per person to keep then club running.

There is normally around 20 to 30 people there every week.

We play double with a mixed skill set. We are here to have fun meet people and more. 







I was brought up with music in my life. My main skill is with the Piano,

but I did migrate to the drums for a bit and then on to the Guitar.